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Healing in Love

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Love is the ultimate mirror - 


both showing us our golden treasures

and revealing the most hidden shadows.


Gifts and talents we never dreamed off


yet are attracted to in the dance of love.


Wounding and patterns from the past


surfacing in opening the present of love.


Love is the ultimate mirror


to evolve towards wholeness.


To become both an authentic individual


and dissolve into the egoless whole.


To heal barriers we've built against love


and become the universe in ecstatic motion.

Hearts do not break - they crack open


Heartbreak is a golden portal if you have the right keys to open it but without those keys the heart is closed even more. During heartbreak all of a sudden we feel unlovable, unworthy, depressed and disillusioned. Our entire world is flipped upside down and we lose the ground we used to stand on. We lose our trust to love again and hide more and more from both love and ourselves. Or we lose ourselves in a life of fake happiness because we don’t dare to be alone, numbing and repressing the pain in the illusory hope that it will eventually go away. It is difficult to move forward with the weight of a broken heart. It is difficult to forgive oneself and the other, and not become bitter in love. It is difficult to focus on healing when all we feel is wounding. On the surface it may seem that these intense experiences are caused by the broken heart. On a deeper layer the heartbreak is revealing what was already existing under the surface. Relationships are often plasters over unhealed wounds, making it seem as if everything is well — until the plaster is pulled off. It is in this moment the golden portal opens if you have the right keys. The moment to heal from within so that we don’t need someone outside to  project our source of love upon and to play the role making us feel whole. With the right keys we can grow most close to our authentic self, and integrate both the gold and shadow we projected on the other, opening our Heart to Divine Love and remember our true Self.

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About Lawrence Jacobs

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My path of healing has known many depths and heights. From healing heartbreak towards Wholeness, and a deep wound in connection — with people, Mother Nature and the Father Above. From Abiding as Non-Dual Consciousness to Transmutation and Alchemy. From No-Ego to personal desires and manifestation. From diving into the personal and collective Unconscious, to Presence with every feeling, intuition, thought and sensation. From depression and anxiety, to addiction and issues with food.


Tailor made healing emerged as a portal to be in service to the individual, the collective, the masculine, the feminine and the Divine. To be in service to Truth and Love. My background, knowledge and experience comes alive in service to your process.


I’ve studied and practiced a deep and wide range of spirituality, philosophy and psychology. Both academically, through teachers and the Teacher of life. In service to others I am fulfilling a facet of my Purpose. Working with what is alive in the individual, and in that process heal the collective, the generational and the divine.


I'm no all knowing guru. I am a healer and teacher in the fields of my knowledge and experience of healing myself. I humble myself and honour the Higher Healer.


Lastly, I wish to honour you for exploring healing. It takes courage and willingness to consciously choose for healing. It takes courage to feel, to own, to take responsibility. It also gives fulfilment, meaning, happiness and connection.


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