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It began in the locked down winter of 2020. I sat in front of a notebook and I started writing. Over the course of 3 months I wrote an entire notebook full by hand. Then I read it, and put it on the shelf. In the winter of 2022 I sat down again, and filled an entire notebook by hand. I put it on the shelf. The message wasn't ready to be published, because the vision in the book felt aligned but I wasn't embodied enough to put out those words. A month ago I sat down behind my laptop and started writing again. The same message as in the previous works, only now I could feel myself in integrity expressing what wants to come through me.

The working title is: A Philosophy and Psychology of Wholeness. The content is about healing the individual and the collective. About bridging paradoxes that withstand the test of time: Spirit and Matter, Feminine and Masculine, Inner and Outer, Above and Below, Being and Becoming, Time and Eternity, Infinite and Finitude, Metaphysics and Physics, God and Nature, Body and Soul.

My intent is to heal these polarities towards Wholeness on a philosophical and psychological, such that they become practical, illuminating and contributing to the evolution of consciousness and the material world.

I will continue writing this book in the moments I have time and inspiration. If you feel like contributing to the process in the form of pre-ordering or donating, send me a message here or connect via Facebook or Instagram.

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